Facilities and singular equipment

Ultra-SOFC team belongs to the Nanoionics and Fuel Cells group at IREC, Barcelona.
Our Institute owns shared equipment accessible to all researchers including SEM, TEM, XRD, AFM, TGA, multiple HT furnaces, etc. (visit IREC´s web to check them out).

Moreover, our group offers additional singular equipment and techniques, including:

We can deposit high quality and homogeneous thin films in substrates up to 4” in diameter with our large-area PLD (PVD Products, US).

Raman spectrometer coupled with an ellipsometer for near-order structural characterization and optical properties characterization, respectively.

We have several high temperature measuring chambers adaptable to the particular electrical characterization needed:

  • High temperature microprobe station (Linkam, UK)
  • Semiautomatic high temperature probe station adapted for 4” wafer samples.
  • Ceramic-based gas stations coupled with tubular furnaces for high temperature multi-chamber measurements (Probostat)

Design and printing of complex 3D ceramic structures for microSOFC packaging.

Our group is one of the few groups with large background and capabilities to integrate thin film ceramic science into microtechnology. Ceramic thin film deposition and characterization is performed at IREC’s facilities, while the microfabrication is performed at Institute of Microelectronic of Barcelona (IMB-CNM, CSIC), using cutting etch silicon technology, where we have open access to the clean room thanks to a close collaboration between IREC and CNM.

Are you interested in using any of these techniques?

We are always open to new collaborations. Do not hesitate and contact us!