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Standalone ethanol micro-reformer integrated on silicon technology for onboard production of hydrogen-rich gas

Lab on a Chip, 16, 2900-2910, 2016.
D. Pla, M. Salleras, A. Morata, I. Garbayo, M. Gerbolés, N. Sabaté, N. J. Divins, A. Casanovas, J. Llorca, A. Tarancón
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Is it possible to design a portable power generator based on micro-solid oxide fuel cells? A finite volume analysis

Journal of Power Sources, 293, 264-273, 2015.
D. Pla, A. Sánchez-González, I. Garbayo, M. Salleras, A. Morata, A. Tarancón
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Grain Boundary Engineering to Improve Ionic Conduction in Thin Films for Micro-SOFCs

ECS Transactions, 69, 16, 2015.
A. Tarancón, A. Morata, D. Pla, A.M. Saranya, F. Chiabrera, I. Garbayo, A. Cavallaro, J. Canales-Vázquez, J.A. Kilner, M. Burriel
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Full ceramic micro solid oxide fuel cells: towards more reliable MEMS power generators operating at high temperatures

Energy Environ. Sci. 7, 3617–3629, 2014.
I. Garbayo, D. Pla, A. Morata, L. Fonseca, N. Sabaté and A. Tarancón
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